Lyklema Fine Art helps and advises on the purchase and sale of art and especially paintings after 1800.

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Do you want to know the value of your painting?

With our knowledge and experiences and several databases we can determine the economic value of any piece of art. In any case we are not sure we have a network of colleagues with specific interest. 

We know better than anyone where your works are most valued. We only calculate the time we need to view and assess the works in your home. Any hours for further investigation will not be charged extra, within certain limits. 

We can also take over high-quality paintings and sculptures from the period 1800-1960 from you and sell them at our risk. And of course we know where and how you can best sell your painting and sculptures for other periods.

Valuation are done by Femke Lyklema who studied Art History at the University of Utrecht and previously worked as head of the General Paintings Auction at Sotheby's and as at Simonis and Buunk Kunsthandel. Now she deals in arts herself and advises on the sale and purchase of Fine Art.

Valuations are carried out at an hourly rate of € 110 (excluding VAT and travel expenses).  If valuations result in a sell, the hours will be deducted from the commission we agree on.

If you need a valuation for insurances purposes we work together with mister Jan Wolter van den Berg for a second opinion to make up a certified report. 

How to sell your art

Our many years of experience, extensive network and knowledge of the art market enable us to mediate your artwork to the right seller. Of course everything is handled with strict confidentiality. In recent years we have been able to mediate various important works to and from private collectors and auction houses throughout the western world. For each individual work of art we look at where and how it can best be bought or sold.

We charge € 110 per hour excluding VAT for sales mediation. When selling a painting, we charge a 10-15% brokerage fee depending on the value of the artwork, whereby the invested hours are deducted. We guarantee a smooth settlement and fast payment. If you would like further information, you can always contact us without obligation.


How to buy art?

If you want to purchase a work of art, but you want to be sure that you pay the right price, we are happy to be of service. We are pleased to offer an expert opinion on an individual painting you have viewed in a gallery or in an auction catalogue.  Using our knowledge of the current art market we will then give you a professional opinion on value. We can also give a verbal report on the basis of a digital image or photograph.

Searching and negotiating together often provides more insight and price advantages. We can negotiate the purchase price on your behalf, allowing you to retain your anonymity. We can also assess the condition of the painting or work of art for you and advise where and how it will stand out even better through a different frame or restoration. 

We charge € 110 per hour excluding VAT for purchase mediation. When purchasing a painting, we charge a 10-15% brokerage fee depending on the value of the artwork, whereby the invested hours are deducted. Recently we got a search for an Andy Warhol that we were able to pass within a week.


How to find the right piece of art?

If you are looking for a specific artist or works of a certain style, we offer you the opportunity to place a search query. Together we identify which style, technique, period and colors best suit your needs. Forming a collection is a fascinating and rewarding experience. 

For example, we create a mood board so that we can search for you in a targeted manner. Lyklema Fine Art assist you with professional advice providing scholarly background to each painting.

We charge € 110 per hour excluding VAT for this. When purchasing a painting, we charge a 10-15% brokerage fee depending on the value of the artwork, whereby the invested hours are deducted.


House clearance and estate clearance

All our expertise comes together during house and estate clearance and clearance. We can carry out valuations for art and design items to determine a sales strategy and relieve you of the burden both during the process and during the sale. We can also advise you on what to do with the other estate assets.


In summary Lyklema Fine arts offers:  

  • Expert advice on art purchase and sale of paintings
  • Advice in determining the asking price
  • Advice on selling options via auction or the art trade
  • Advice in negotiations
  • Advice for building up and disposing of a collection
  • Advice and assistance for storing goods in storage
  • Advice on house clearance and sorting of estates
  • Favorable agreements with various auction houses
  • Very good package for sale at competitive rates.